We live in the century of speed. Everything around us is becoming more and more technological. Why would the taps make an expectation?

In the following lines we want to share the joy of the evolution of technology in the DIY industry.

What do you do when the hot water system does not work? You don't have many options, but with Bricopro's electric taps, you can heat cold water instantly without the need for a boiler or boiler.

Yes, you saw well, we come to your aid with our innovative, high-performance products and at a fair price.

Follow us until the end of the article to see how simple the solution is and not at all expensive.


This product comes with an LED display that will announce the water temperature. It can be installed very quickly and easily at any sink in your household. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or any other room you want.

It manages to heat water up to 40 degrees with a flow rate of 2-3 liters per minute.

In short, it is the ideal solution for households where the hot water system does not work.

The water pressure rises to 0.04-0.05 MPa and a rotation angle of 360 degrees.

This faucet is made of ABS and brass and comes with a protection system in case of overheating.

Its rated power is up to 3000W with a lifespan of more than 10,000 hours.


If you could mount the previous product on the sinks, this electric faucet is ideal for bathtubs in your households.

With a power of 3KW it has a water heating capacity of 2-3 Liters per minute.

You can enjoy hot baths up to 40 degrees Celsius in winter and up to 60 degrees in summer.

It comes with protection in case of overheating so you don't have to worry. You can use it safely.

It also comes with a 360 degree rotation angle so you can sit comfortably in the shower or bath.

The faucet comes with an LED display that will announce the water temperature.

It is very resistant being made of ABS and brass with a lifespan of over 10,000 hours.

It installs very quickly and easily, without professional help.

This faucet comes with shower included, being the perfect solution for homes where the hot water installation does not work. Remember, you do not need a boiler or boiler to heat water.


The products presented above are not the only ones in the range of electric valves.

As before, our products keep the best price / quality ratio on the market. And we strive to do that every day.

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