The range of products for crushing and crushing fruits and vegetables is very popular. Customers have different needs and we are here to thank each one.

Due to this fact, we have carefully chosen products at the best prices. You can find on, presses for crushing grapes, electric or manual crushers and even manual or electric graters.

In the following lines I will make a list of the best-selling products in this range and I will briefly explain the benefits.



When you need to grind fruits and vegetables and you may not be willing to pay a high price for a machine that will help you do this, this grater is perfect.

It comes with a tank with a volume of 5 L and an increased productivity of 200 KG / HOUR.

The manual grater can be connected to a motor, coming in a package with a pulley.

Thick teeth and arranged on 4 blades of 8 pieces each and with a rotational speed of 1380 RPM, makes this perfect grater for grinding all types of fruits and vegetables including hard fruits and vegetables (for example: quinces).

The grater is equipped with a 16 cm pulley on a special bearing so that a motor with a maximum power of 500W can be mounted.



For those who want an increased comfort and are willing to allocate a larger budget for an electric grater, the 1.8KW Vinita electric grater offers an excellent value for money.

It can even help in the preparation of animal feed or the processing of fruits or vegetables especially for their preservation in winter.

It helps to grate the pieces of fruit and vegetables exactly like a kitchen grater, resulting in the pulp that you can prepare in the form of food or in the form of drinking juice.

The volume of the tub of this grater is 5 L resulting in a productivity of 400 KG / H.

The structure is composed of metal and the stainless steel disc with a diameter of 25 CM,




Are you the proud owner of a very tasty life? Do you want to produce an excellent wine? Or maybe you are even an amateur wine producer.

If the answer is yes, then this task should not be missing from your repertoire.

This press comes with a cylinder made of wood of 19 elements with a length of 50 cm and a very resistant metal frame for an increased life.

The preset disc is metallic with a thickness of 7 mm accompanied by a rubber gasket and with a diameter of 25 cm.

It is 58 cm high and 42 cm wide, so when you are not using it, it is perfect for decorating your home.

If you still want a press that is full stainless steel, the Bricopro team also offers such products.




We end the list of products with this electric crusher with stainless steel disc and drum and with a 1.8KW motor.

The volume of the tank is 5 L generating a productivity of 400 KG / H.

It is the best-selling product in this range, being sought after by many customers due to its increased reliability and productivity.

This crusher generates 1500 ROTATIONS / MINUTE managing to crush the strongest fruits or vegetables (for example: pumpkins).


The products presented above are not the only ones in the range of crushers, presses and graters. For more models, you can enter HERE.

As before, our products keep the best price / quality ratio on the market. And we strive to do that every day.

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