The kitchen is the sanctuary of food! We spend a lot of time cooking the best food, whether it's a pizza recipe I've seen on the internet or an almond recipe with cherries taken from the neighbor on the 5th floor.

We, at Bricopro, have thought of coming to your aid with the necessary products so as to make your work easier, we will make it more pleasant!


We all have someone in the family who makes good stuffed cabbage. When we say good we mean that we can eat 10 sarmale and it's like we still eat.

We believe that the secret lies in the meat mincer. Therefore, our recommendation is the professional meat mincer from Maestro.

It comes with a powerful 1500W motor. The modern ergonomic design fits into any modern kitchen.

This product can chop fish, meat and snails and even comes with a tomato juice extractor.

The complete package also includes 3 accessories for slicing and chopping plus 2 discs for chopping.


The shredder needs a partner, right? The Maestro hand mixer also comes with an ergonomic and modern design that offers you comfort and ease of use.

The motor generates 200 W with five gears. Along with the mixer come two goals for beating eggs and cream.

The support and the two accessories for mixing the thick dough make this mixer complete and perfect for use in your household.


We also stay in the cooking area with this product. A frying pan that has an excellent value for money. It comes with a comfortable handle, ergonomic and modern design that the Maestro brand has accustomed us to.

The lower part is inductive. Cleaning the pan is very easy and fast, under running water with a minimum of detergent.


Toast goes much better with butter and jam, right? This 750W toaster can also toast thick slices of bread.

The white color helps it to integrate anywhere in the kitchen. It makes no noise, is small and toasts as much bread as you need or as much as you want. It comes with several speeds so that the bread is fried as you wish.


The toast is good, but a sandwich made at the Maestro sandwich maker is ideal. You can prepare very tasty sandwiches and very quickly for work.

This appliance is small, does not take up much space in your kitchen and can be a very good friend when you want to eat something and not waste hours in the kitchen. You can make a nutritious snack very quickly.


Most of us start our morning with a coffee. It gives us energy and joy when we consume it.

The coffee maker from Maestro develops 800W and a pressure of 3-5 bar.

Its capacity is between 2 and 4 cups, with a heat-resistant glass tank.

What do we like most about this device? Milk frothing nozzle. Exactly, you see, it comes with a nozzle so you can make milk foam and serve a delicious coffee.

The modern design makes it ideal in any kitchen.


We consider this product to be indispensable. Why? Because it helps us lead a healthy lifestyle. And what is more important than that?

You can quickly prepare smoothies from fruits and vegetables. Besides the fact that they are tasty, they will also help you lead a healthy life.

The modern and ergonomic design make this blender an ideal product for any household. It comes with a vessel that has a volume of 1.5 liters and two gears.


PS: We also have pink.

The products presented above are not the only ones in the range of products dedicated to the kitchen.

As before, our products keep the best price / quality ratio on the market. And we strive to do that every day.

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