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Service si Garantie

RAM BUSINESS CORNER SRL respects the rights offered by law to the consumer, these not being affected by the guarantee offered.

The warranty for long-term products is at least 2 years according to the existing law in Romania.


 The guarantee is excluded in cases where the lack of conformity results from:

     1. Unforeseen or unauthorized modifications or adaptations have been made by the Manufacturer or have been made without complying with his technical recommendations;
    2. Failure to present the warranty certificate, stamped and with the completed fields, when a warranty repair is requested;
    3. The defect is due to the user's negligence or non-compliance with the recommendations in the use and maintenance guide;
    4. Failure by the buyer to comply with the conditions of transport, handling, installation, use and maintenance specified in the instructions accompanying the product upon delivery or in other brochures with operating rules issued by the manufacturers and by the buyer who has taken note;
    5. The finding by the specialists authorized by the company RAM BUSINESS CORNER SRL and its partners of the fact that the claimed defect is due to the user. The product has defects caused by ignorance, omission, negligence or accident;
    6. Entrusting the product for use to minors, persons with disabilities or persons who have not been trained in the operation, use and handling of the machine;
    7. Entrusting the machine to be repaired by other unauthorized persons or companies;
    8. Use of the product for purposes other than those for which it was designed and manufactured or its use in a field other than that specified in this certificate. Damage or modification that affects the operation of the machine, its performance and durability;
    9. The use of accessories incompatible with the product and which influence the operation, performance and durability;
    10. Normal wear, periodic adjustments and consumables are not covered by the warranty.
    11. Failure by the buyer / beneficiary to comply with the instructions for installation, commissioning, use, maintenance, handling, transport and storage, as well as the field of use, contained in the documentation accompanying the product at purchase (overload, failure to perform timely operations maintenance, use in unsuitable environments which do not comply with the instructions given by the manufacturer;
    12. Use of products in long overload mode or in a mode other than that for which it was designed (use of hobby products in professional mode), their use outside the parameters of flatness and working curve recommended by the manufacturer, operation of heat engines without having ensured an optimal level of cooling.
    13. Use of spare parts, lubricants, fuels, consumables, accessories other than those recommended by the manufacturer / importer.
    14. Application of unauthorized modifications by the manufacturer / importer:
    a) Modification, deletion or replacement of product series;
    b) Acting on the settings set by the manufacturer;
    c) Changing product performance;
    e) Use of sectioned or plugged power cables;
    f) Elimination or non-use of protection systems from the endowment of the products.
    15. Intervention on the product by persons or service units not authorized by SC RAM BUSINESS CORNER SRL or our partners.
    16. Loss or destruction of the warranty certificate or purchase invoice. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the product being removed from warranty.

The settlement of the guarantees lasts 15 calendar days from the receipt of the product by the service unit. The post-warranty products will be solved in a longer term, depending on each service unit, because the products under warranty are prioritized.

If you wish to send the product to RAM BUSINESS CORNER to be redirected to the service units of the suppliers, please access and fill in the form below:
Service Form

The transport payment will be borne by the customer.

After completing the form, you will be contacted within a maximum of 3 days by our operator to register the collection of the package.

Please prepare the product for sending by courier to the service unit as follows:

           Clean the product and release it from fuel and oil so that it does not leak during transport.
           Pack the product in a cardboard box and seal the package with scotch tape.
           Add a copy of the invoice and warranty on the package.

Contact the service unit by the phone number provided in the list of service units, or call the central call center to provide information.

to the product.

    Service operations during the warranty period do not include:

- shipping costs from the customer to the service center and back;

If the service finds that the products are damaged or modified by the customer, the customer undertakes to pay the value of the service of finding and repairs if he agrees with them.

Products with Micul Fermier brand thermal engines can be delivered to the following service points:
1 SC. ALTISAN SERVICE TEAM SRL 773962622 Ors. Targu-Mures, Str. Bolyai Square, no.9, ap.2
2 SC. AVAGOSEN SERVICE SRL 761273134 Jud.Vrancea, ors. Focsani, 76 Marasesti Street, no
3 SC. BAGS CAR SRL 350420514 Ors. Ramnicu Valcea, Str.Virgiliu, | Nr. 7.
4 SC. CASROM SRL 731762691 Jud. Dolj, Ors.Filiasi, BD.Racoteanu, no.163A
5 SC. CHIVU MIRCEA SRL 751566502 jud.Salaj, ors Zalau, str.Sarmas, nr 56
6 SC. CONSTRUZIONI EDILCOM SRL 769295765 Jud. Brasov, Ors.Harseni, nr 171
7 SC. CRIBOTEHNICA TG. SRL 730779758 Oras.Targoviste, str. Calea Campulung, Nr.92.
8 SC. HIBRID SRL 723278875 Jud.Dambovita, Ors.Targoviste, Str. Calea Ploiesti, nr 19
9 SC. JEAN APIS SRL 761687741 Jud.Gorj, ors.Targu jiu, Str.Alea Teilor, Bl.16, Sc.1, et.2, ap.12
10 SC. LA ION SRL-D 748311354 Jud.Iasi, Str.Stupinelor, nr.29, cartierul.Tomesti.
11 SC. MMR SERV TOOLS SRL-D 757379194 Ors.Beclean, str Mihail Kogalnceanu, nr.36
12 SC. MOSTOLES SRL 762941611 Oras.Craiova, jud.Dolj, str.Braila, nr. 31
13 SC. NEDEIRA TELESAT SRL 753103754 Ors.Campina str. M.Kogalniceanu, nr.15
14 SC. PIATETA SRL (40) 262 277 266 City. Baia Mare, str. Pasunii, nr.1,2.
15 SC. ROCK GARDEN. SRL 744870373 Jud. Timis, Ors.Timisoara str. Closca, nr.21
16 SC. SOMANTO SERV SRL 740189549 Oras.Cluj Napoca, str.Giordon Bruna, nr 12.
17 SC. TOTAL TOOLS & SERVICE ENTERPRISE SRL 733149662 Oras.Ploiesti, str.Postei, nr, 49
18 SC. VALAHIA EXIM SRL 742778108 Oras.Bistrita, str.Infratirii, nr.11 A
19 SC. PRIMUS VEST SRL 0758948456 PRIMUSVEST@YAHOO.COM Bihor county, ORADEA city, 5 Traian Blazovovici street
20 SC. EUROTEHNIC SRL 0727743214 ADRIANHRISCU@YAHOO.COM Neamt county, ROMAN city, Roma Musat street, bl 14, ground floor
21 SC. TRANSILVANIA UNIVERSAL SRL 0722373177 DEVA city, str horea bl 5, ground floor, Hunedoara county
22 SC. INAGARDEN SERVICE SRL 0744870373 MIHAILESTI city, GIURGIU county, str. Calea Bucuresti no. 924
23 SC.POLIDOM PARTENERS SRL 0726010110 IASI, str Morilor nr 68
24 SC.TETAN PRODCOM SRL 0745013597 str. Fantanii nr.14, cart. Stupini, BRASOV locality, Brasov county
25 SC. JAKI SRL 0744342844 TULCEA city, Tulcea county, str. Salciei no. 115

In case of non-compliance, the Customer has the right, and undertakes to bring the products to conformity, without payment, by repair or replacement, depending on his option or to benefit from the corresponding price reduction or the termination of the contract regarding those products.


The term "free of charge" refers to the costs necessary to bring the products into conformity, including the costs of handling, diagnosis, expertise, disassembly, assembly, labor, materials used and packaging.


In case of non-compliance, the Customer has the right to request first of all the repair of the product without payment, except in the situation where the measure is impossible or disproportionate.


A remedial measure will be considered disproportionate, if it imposes for costs that are unreasonable compared to the other remedial measure, taking into account:


            the value that the products would have had if there had been no non-compliance;
            the importance of non-compliance;
            if the other remedial measure could be carried out without significant inconvenience to the consumer.


A remedial measure will be considered impossible if the seller cannot provide identical replacement products or spare parts for repair, including due to lack of equipment or related technology.


Any repair or replacement of the products will be established by mutual agreement, in writing, between the seller and the consumer and will be made within a maximum period of 15 calendar days, without any significant inconvenience to the consumer, taking into account the nature of the products and the purpose. for which he requested the products.


The established period of time may not exceed 15 calendar days from the date on which the buyer informed the seller of the lack of conformity of the product. In case of repairing the product, only new parts will be installed in it.


The consumer can request a corresponding reduction of the price or the termination of the contract in any of the following cases:


             if it does not benefit from the repair or replacement of the product;
             if the seller has not taken remedial action within a maximum period of 15 calendar days;
             if the seller has not taken remedial action, without significant inconvenience to the consumer.


The client is not entitled to request the termination of the contract, if the lack of conformity is minor.


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