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I Chainsaw 2 months, I cut 10m Wood goes perfectly, consume little, starts f well, I recommend with confidence is perfect chainsaw for household
I have this chainsaw for 1 year and I am super pleased with it, cut pretty well for its ability but provided you change the chain with a better one.
We cut with it and forest thick trees, consume about two tanks (400grams) of gasoline to a trailer/cart of wood.
Very good product for this money. I cut shoots, large weeds, forged from the first use (before I left to go into the hollow slightly revved, for running-in).... It's worth the money. Fast delivery
It doesn't even start at the "first key" but after it starts you have nothing to do with it. Cut well and don't let it get to you. I hope I don't have the surprise to spoil it in the next period, having praised it here. It's light, good consumption, what more, I'm satisfied.
The product is like the picture, perfect for a harvest. It opens the beans very well, it is fast, a little noisy and small enough that you do not have problems with storage
It is strong, it cleans all kinds of weeds(rug, palamide, laptiuga, other tall and hard-stem weeds, it starts easily and does not hang the plants after the drum.
My neighbor saw the purchase and as a result today I ordered another one of the same.
It is a good trimmer, comes with all the accessories in the picture in separate boxes must be mounted has a solid rod very good compared to others, I use 25 ml stihl oil mixture, quick start after 5-6 priming the gasoline pump, I mowed very large shoots and is strong,
A good product. It works a lot. I used it and it works great.. You've been running for 4 hours... Very good..
He's fully worth his money. I have no problem with it, I cut somewhere every 2 hours and nothing happened. I ranched it for about 30 minutes. It is strong and has no high consumption.
I'm happy with it
Take this money... It sounds like a toy but it does the job. I gave span 3 electrodes half 3.5 and went into protection 1 minute and 15 seconds clocked then welded again. I do not know if it will help but I made this test from the start to know how it leads. Weld clean, cut, just the cables seem to warm up a little bit but it's normal. I recommend for hobby. 480... Alms:)
It's going well, it's almost self-assembled, without the need ... manual, it's on ... quarter ... thanks for the presents, but still ...
- manual k ... not to mention.
- "professional" ham, which reminded me of the joke about the midget to the chicks: put one, get another ! Absolutely ludicrous bunch of bands that go around and you get your head (s) if the neuron takes you. A waistcoat accessory with a hanging rifle was extra. I'll be right back.
Best chainsaw I ever had.oh so far, I have no problem with it whatsoever... Comes with user manual, oil and chain and mixture.
Prompt delivery, anything you want
delivery is done quickly, I use it at least 3 times a week and I am very pleased.
I recommend with confidence, comes and mask in the package and is used very easily
Super satisfied, worth their money


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